New Jaguar XKR 2012

Jaguar sports cars have a reputation for mixing high-performance athletic comfort effortless cruising. Nothing exemplifies this more clearly dual nature of the XK's 5.0-liter AJ-V8 engine.

Now in its third generation of this offers not only a tremendous power but also high efficiency by incorporating the latest technology such as spray-guided direct injection (SGDI) and two independent variable cam time (DIVCT). Like the vehicle, the engine is constructed of high quality, lightweight aluminum cylinder heads that are recycled to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

All variants of the Jaguar XK to use the gearbox ZF six-speed automatic with steering wheel paddles to control the function of Jaguar Sequential Shift for greater driver control. The XKR-S, the transmission has been revised in line with the increased power and torque to optimize upshifts and allow higher maximum speed.

In the last Jaguar XKR, the cabin has been updated with a number of new materials including ebony pieces of soft touch paint for switches, glossy black finish for the center console and phosphor blue halo illumination and ambient lighting . New sheets, color combinations and headlining options allow owners to create a cabin environment specifically tailored to their needs.

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